God Have Mercy! Tragedy Strucks As 7 Members of a Family Die of Food Poisoning

Bad news as tragedy strucks in a father leading to the death of 7 members of the family.

It has been reported that a Family in Auki village of Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State has lost the live of 7 members after they ate a poisoned food.

The death consisting of five children and two housewives in the same family.

The man of the house, Mallam Hassan lawali  who is the husband of the two women and five children reportedly run mad after eating the same food which was prepared with corn.

Reports that the food was prepared with corn on Tuesday night after they ate the food they developed stomach pain. 

3 members died at the spot will others were rushed to the General Hospital, Bungudu were they confirmed dead. 

The Doctor on duty confirmed they died of food poison, Mallam Hassan couldn't talk or eat. 

*God Have Mercy on Us, This World is Turning to Something Else!*

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