God is Good o! Mary Quansah Who Thought She is Pregnant for 13yrs Has Finally Been Liberated

Good news as Mary Quansah finally smiles again. Mary Quansah has been in a state of dilemma for 13yrs years with what looks like pregnancy. All thanks to God for her liberation. 

Many people thought she was pregnant in the past 13yrs as she carried a pregnancy like tommy. After Mary Quansah, a middle aged woman from Ghana undergo delicate surgery, She have thanked God for a successful surgery. 

Crime Check Foundation, Ghana who help the woman both financially and otherwise shared the successful story on her Facebook page. 

"Mary Quansah shows appreciation to CCF after we supported her to undergo surgery after being Fibroid pregnant for 13 years. 

" Mary is just one of the many who cannot access medical care because of poverty. 

"Many are dying on the quiet from kidney, liver and other diseases because they simply cannot afford to pay for the cost of surgery. 

" Many others continue to lose their lives on a daily basis because they simply cannot buy basic drugs prescribed by doctors. This is unacceptable!" 

A nurse who identified herself as Lucy narrated the predicament and the extreme nature of the fibroid saying:
"When I saw her I thought she was pregnant with triplet only to find out that it is fibroid that has filled up her belly in this manner. Right from her pelvic side up to her thoracic level."
The nurse further indicates that she had not seen such an extreme case before and noted that Mary's kidneys and gall bladder have all been badly affected.

All Thanks to Almighty God For He is Good... A Great God! 

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