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Help! I Think God Has Forsaken Me And My Life Is About To Be Ruined

please help me cos am on the verge of ending it all ...

am almost 27 with nothing to show for.. I happened to be one of the best and most intelligent child not only in my family but in my kindred at large which many taught by now I would ve settled for something splendid.

nothing seems to be working right in my life since I left secondary school. I have tried business and 2 years I was robbed and left with nothing, I left uni becus of lack of finance and no one to assist me I have worked and raised money and eventually problem came up and swallow everthing,no helper no one ever promise me and it came to pass and I have tried all kinds of good things in life but life seems unbearable, things that work for others always turn sour wen it came to my turn

Now when I noticed tht things ain't ok I ran to God, I ve Been in different kind of churches for solution, I ve prayed day and night and I still remember fasting and praying for 48+hrs last year in one of the famous church last year but still nothing happened sadly early dis year a friend that knows what am passing through took me to a medium who he said helped his friend out when he had similar issue. initial I didn't want to go but because of my situation I followed him. 

The medium after looking at me told me everything that I ve been through, suffering, hardship , troubles it was just lik a movie he told me that I have a bright future and he equally told me dat two things are the only cause of my problems

1 there is something he called it AGWU (things done by my ancestors)in Igbo language that need to be settled long time ago.

2. dat I equally have a spiritual wife that I needs to settle too that they are behind my success. 

He said I need to buy or give him money to buy somethings needed for the settlement and he will conduct the thing and once it's done they will live me alone and everything will come to normal again and if I don't do dis dat I might end up being useless in life I was shocked and I told him that I don't have any money Which truly I don't have. 

I later cried and confessed to God still continue my prayers cos I believed he could do it for me but right now I don't just know how to describe my life it's gone worst I can even boost of 1 kobo , property, certificate or anything.. please help me on what to do cos am absolutely tired of dis life and don't know where else to go and no one else is there to help me out of this problem.. mom is dead and dad is very old and sick. 

At 27 I have achieved nothing .. Just failure and disappointment help I don't want to be useless and I think God is far away from me...

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