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Here’s The Reason Why People Wouldn’t Patronize Your Business and Solutions

I cried for years when starting out in business, not knowing that I was doing something wrong.

It was late before I finally discovered this secret. It hurt me, and I don’t want you to get hurt too.

I’m about to share with you a secret that changed the way I approach business.

Are you ready for this?

Imagine having tons of people coming to beg for what you sell.

Imagine yourself waking up on the bed every morning and don’t have to worry about money any longer.

Can you sense that coming?

Is that possible?

Certainly, this won’t happen when you don’t have a product or service you are selling.

Yeah! Damn so.

But if you have one, then you are lucky.

Most people doing business, don’t know how to sell, except for a few.

This is evident when you see someone who is into business:

I Wish I Had Known This Years Ago, I’d Have Become A Millionaire

I wonder if they have any other person they sell to. Or probably they sell to animals or nonliving entities.

If you really do want to sell to people in this world, then, you must learn to understand and surround yourself with people, not only people, people you know will be interested in what you sell.

My boss, Emmanuel Akpe knows this rule and once related that he has over 700 people viewing his Whatsapp status alone.

Enough of trying to lure people to buy what you sell.

Must you force someone to buy? That’s why copywriters use persuasion instead of coercion.

Oh! Copywriters are people you need to learn from. A good copywriter is a master of sales.

They make you beg them for what you sell…

So what am I saying?

So what do you need to start doing?

Generally, the Reason Why You Don't Sale is Lack of Audience. 

Taking about solutions, You need to build a target audience.  How would you do this?

1. Have Many Friends on Facebook

Get down to your Facebook, send friend requests as many as possible.

Make sure you reach 4,999 friends and keep building relationships with your friends with content and values.

And like most ladies having friend requests waiting for them, please do accept them.

Go to Facebook groups relevant to what you sell and display your expertise or products.

And don’t just try to spam everywhere with your products or Facebook will block you.

Offer relevant, quality, and informative content that displays how skilled you are. 

2. Be Active In Your Industry

Make yourself relevant in the industry you belong to.

Whatever you are offering or selling, I’m pretty sure there’s a set of professionals discussing about it.

So go ahead and locate where it’s being discussed.

Ask questions.

Offer solutions.

When you do this, you are building your brands relevance and authority.

Go to Forums and places like:

3. Have Many Contacts On Whatsapp

You are in many groups on WhatsApp, yet, you don’t have each member of those groups on your contact list. You must be joking.

I want to show you a cheat I used to get many people to view my status

As a business-oriented person, you want to send a message like:


My name is _______

I’m a member with you in the _____ group

I’d love to connect with great minds like you.

We might as well have to do business together in the future.

Tell me your name and your location, and I will save your name on my contact list.

Please save mine too, so we can learn from each others status. 

Do this and you will get almost 50% reply to you with positive answers and you can always sell to them on your WhatsApp status.

4. Post On Blogs

Find blogs with many visitors, like the Linda Ikeji blog (if you can afford her prices), Ogbonge blog, and many more and advertise your products.

Don’t limit yourself to Whatsapp alone and you will find people rushing your products like….. 

You can also make your advertisement on this blog, we have over 20,000 weekly visitors.

Imagine if only 20% of them bought your products or order for your service weekly.

That means you are on your way to becoming a millionaire.

It’s at a very affordable rate. If you are interested chat me up, I’m always available.

5. Use Other Social Media Platforms

Don’t limit yourself to WhatsApp alone.

You can always try out many others including Instagram, Twitter, linkedIn, Pinterest and others…

Final Note

In short, drive massive traffic what you sell and make it visible to many, not just your friend.

Stop spamming all around ….

Go on social media platforms and market yourself. Learn the basics of marketing. If you need books about marketing, come to it.

Post relevant content.

Offer great value. Make it 80% value and 20% selling.

See you in the next Business post.

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