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How Long Does It Take For A HIV Patient to Die Without Treatment? Here is the Answer

One of my blog readers asked me  how long a HIV Positive Patient takes before he or she dies if no medical help is rendered.

Here is the answer to the question. Like 30years ago, HIV was seen as death sentence but nowadays with proper medications a HIV Patient can live upto the age his Maker assigns for him.

What am i trying to say? HIV is no longer a death sentence as lots of drugs and preservatives are now available for HIV and AIDS patients. 

It's true HIV is often thought of as an incurable, fatal illness those days we have no medications for it. 

Even now it certainly can be without treatment--especially once a person's immune system is weakened to the point that he or she has AIDS. 

Without treatment, it takes an average of 10 years for someone who gets HIV to develop AIDS.

 A person diagnosed at age 25 who receives good medical care is estimated to live 40 more years.

Without Medication, once developed to AIDS, That live is at risk.

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