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I Have Begged Her Mother Why She Report Again? - 40yrs Old Man Lands in Police Net for Sexually Harassing an 11yrs Old Girl (Photos)

A Non Governmental Organisation "Stop the Abuse STA" has revealed that the 40 years old Man who allegedly assaulted an 11yrs old girl has been arrested

On 7th of August, A Facebook User identified as Oluwatoyin Ndidi Taiwo Ojo a member of the Non Governmental Organisation shared the story of how the 40yrs old neighbor sexually harassed the teenage girl. 

She Wrote:

A woman called me this morning and spoke to me about an incident with her 11 years old daughter. The woman, a Facebook follower narrated that she got home from work the day before yesterday and her younger children reported to her that they over heard their elder sister of 11years telling their adult neighbor , a married man of around 45 years that she would slap him! As soon as she heard she immediately asked the daughter to stoop down as punishment for being disrespectful to an adult. 

In addition, she refused to give the girl dinner when everyone was eating as part of the punishment even though the girl was crying profusely. She also insisted that first thing yesterday morning, the girl must go and kneel down to apologise to the man for her rudeness. 

However, as God would have it, she said as she was sleeping in the night, she remembered that in one of my posts on social media, I said that one of the signs to watch out in sexual abuse is when an otherwise respectful girl suddenly becomes rude to an adult. 

Immediately, she said she jumped out of bed and woke her daughter to explain why she was rude to such a trusted neighbor of theirs. It was then that the girl explained that the man has been fondling her breasts and her bum and anytime she threatened to tell her mum, the man would laugh at her scornfully and tell her that nobody would believe her most especially her mother who trusts him wholeheartedly.

 The woman said she went to confront the man in yesterday morning and the idiot started begging her that it was the devil! What if he had succeeded? What if the woman had forced her daughter to beg the man? Would it not have given the man further opportunity to continue his evil act?
It is high time as parents we begin to give our children the benefit of doubt

In a Recent post, the Non Governmental Organization reveals that the Man has been arrested. According to the Organisation on Facebook, She revealed that an ambush was laid to catch the man.

He was arrested thus Tuesday morning by a Crack team from the Alakuko Police Station. 

Remember the case of the 11 years old girl that was allegedly indecently assaulted by a 40 years old man. Here is the link

He has been arrested 💃💃💃💃💃. We laid an ambush for him since yesterday night and this morning, he was arrested by a crack team from the Alakuko Police Station. 

For the first time ever I entered a police patrol van to effect the arrest. The officers were so courteous and gentle manly.💖💖💖.

The suspect was lamenting that he has begged the mother of my client, why did she go to report again. In my mind, I said " beg kee you dia". 

At Stop The Abuse Against Women and Children Foundation, we would not relent in our effort to rid our society of this menace.
Please say a word of prayers for my brave warrior who was courageous to tell the paedophile " I will slap you, if you touch me again"

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