I Know Ladies Won't Take What Actor Kanayo Said Lightly, They Love It So Much

This is a backup of what a veteran actor, Pete Edochie had earlier said. 

Recall that Veteran Nollywood Actor, Pete Edochie in an interview adviced men to stop kneeling down to propose to ladies as it signifies handling authority to the them. 


 Nigeria Nollywood Kanayo O.Kanayo has said that Kneeling down to propose to a woman is an Instagram lifestyle, urges men to stop it.

According to him, it is not in Africa’s culture for a man to kneel while proposing to woman, insisting that it was an act copied from the western world.

Kanayo explained that it is not everything seen on TV that we must copy. He explained that everyone is allowed to live life the way they want.

He wrote on Instagram:

 “I’m unAfrican and I stand with Pete Edochie on what he said. It is un-African today to knee down to propose to a woman. I’m an African to that level. Like we always preach it is not all you see on TV that you copy. ”It is an Instagram lifestyle.”

“It doesn’t stop you from living it. Live it the way you want. We are not also saying you must live with us in our stone age.”

“Because when we talk about this, some people who think they are more intelligent than us tell us we are coming from the stone age. Don’t worry, live your technology age but it is not part of our culture.”

*I Think Am Buying This Idea, But Trust Me Ladies Won't Take It Lightly Because They Love To See Men Kneeling Down to Propose*

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