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IPOB vs Security Agencies: Nnamdi Kanu Drags US and UK for Being Silent

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Nnamdi Kanu drags US and UK for being silent to the 'Unproked Massacre' as Nnamdi Kanu called it. In his Facebook page, Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the alleged Indigenous People of Biafra wrote:

“Does it mean that both Catriona Laing the current British High Commissioner to Nigga-eria and Ambassador Mary Beth Leonard of US Mission to Nigga-eria are not aware of the barbaric and unprovoked massacre of innocent unarmed citizens yesterday in Emene Enugu? 

This and similar blatant terrorist attacks by Fulani jihadists in DSS, military and police uniforms is something the UK and US should take very seriously by reporting such crimes against humanity to London and Washington.

Nigga-eria’s Fulani dominated state security apparatus is a legalised weapon of terror regularly deployed against innocent law abiding citizens to soften the ground for Fulani terrorists to take over the ancestral lands of indigenous populations in the colonial contraption Britain created. 

The silence of both missions is confirmation that they are well aware of the murderous tendencies of the DSS, Police and army but have chosen to keep quiet because of bribes and kickbacks they are getting from this corrupt Fulani regime.

By their silence both the UK and US missions in Nigga-eria are in full support of Fulani state terrorism and their Jihad against Christians and the entire South. Black lives clearly don’t matter in Nigga-eria.

UK in Nigeria should do their duty by recognising that DSS, Nigga-erian army and police are terrorist organisations intent on the extermination of Biafrans.”

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  1. God will punish death Nigga-eria government

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  3. In no distant time Biafra will gain there freedom


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