Is My Pastor Right? He Said I Should Stop Seeing My Fiancé if I Don't Want to Die

A young Lady wrote to Joro, a popular relationship blogger about her relationship, how her pastor asked her to quit the relationship or she dies. 

She wrote:

"This is my first time writing to you. Last year I met this man and we started talking and all. One thing led to the other and we started seeing each other. 

" Everything was going well until I had a dream and the interpretation my pastor gave me was if I don't stop seeing him 'l die. 

" I didn't stop seeing him because I didn't want to and I have already fallen in love with him. I had the same dream the second time and I still didn't stop seeing him but I made sure I wasn't sleeping with him. 

" In May or this year, I Slept with him and I felt so uneasy afterwards for weeks so I decided to go to church. 

" When I went to see the pastor to pray with me, he asked me if I wanted to die. I said No and he asked why l'm still seeing the man. 

"NB: I didn't tell him I've had slept with the man. 

" When I got back I blocked him all over without saying anything to him. Because when I tell him what 've been told he doesn't believe me or thinks it's just an excuse. 

"I unblocked him and we talked. I even started doing so many disrespectful things for him to walk out on me but he's very patient. 

" As I'm writing you, I've not spoken to him but it's eating me up. Joro I'm broken but I don't want to risk my life too. He's all I think about I've already decided to stay away from him even though I know he loves but it's too hard.

*What should I do? I need your advice personally. you can post it. Please keep me anonymous"

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