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Lady Accused Of Spreading HIV/AIDS To Guys Says The Rumour Is False (Watch Video)

Lady accused of spreading HIV/AIDS to guys says the rumour is false and everyone should disregard the false information. 

In a New Video cited by Kingsparo Blog and shared in Kingsparo TV on instagram the Lady said the rumour is false. 

A lady called ‘Shariffa’ as seen in viral Whatsapp chats was alleged to have threatened that she’ll spread the HIV/AIDS virus to at least 300 guys before dying.

According to the viral screenshot, Shariffa who’s alleged to have been infected with the virus is bitter that a certain guy she loved infected her. So out of the bitterness, she planned to spread it to at least 300 guys before she passes on.

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er, friend in the chats could be seen begging her to change her mind and not allow herself to be used by the devil to do such a wicked thing.

In a video recorded by herself, she claimed the report is false. According to her, a guy who proposed to her but got bounced spread the false news on social media to shame her but she is stronger than before.

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Watch The Video Below:

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