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Messi Or Ronaldo? The Never-Ending Super Duo Debate

There has never been long-lasting domination in the whole existence of world football like that of the Super Duo Lionel Messi of Argentina and the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. The current Era of football has seen itself being dominated by these two exceptional and uncommon Superstars, who have made record-breaking a daily routine and an easy task.

Generally in Football, age is a huge factor to the performance and efficiency of players but even with the advancement in age by these two, it still doesn’t look like they have plans on slowing down. But the never-ending fuse would always be who the better player between the two phenomenon players is?
Amongst the fans of this Era, you are either a Ronaldo fan or a Messi fan and there are very few people who have accepted to be a fan of both players, like I said, very unlikely you meet these set of people. Several opinions as to who the better player is have come in different forms and below are the following opinions:

To some, using advanced statistics proves that Messi is a better player. Both Ronaldo and Messi have acquired quite an impressive statistics over the years. Still, they have taken a closer look at them, prove that Messi makes effective decisions better and have a high per cent chance of bringing more excellent value to his team. Using the Baseball framework to rate both players, “The Economist,” as it’s called, ranked Messi and Ronaldo’s goals on their context and importance. The Statistics are called Expected Point Added (EPA), and it rates goals by their added win probability, which simply means that a winning goal in the last minute of a game is rated higher than a fourth goal scored in a 4-0 win. With this rating, Messi has standpoint of 59.5 and Ronaldo comes in 50.4.

Another comparison, using the Complex Algorithm, a company called GoodCall values a player’s decision, aking and Efficiency Per Match (EPM). What this means is that each passes, shot and chances created or a dribble made by players is being valued and the rating of the player’s decision making and efficiency. Lionel Messi’s EPM is 238, and his decision making is at 0.63% per match, while Ronaldo’s EPM is at 118 and his decision making is at 0.43%.

Another Set of people seem to go with the believe that Messi is a better team player. Despite being an incredible scorer and gifted playmaker, he also adds value to everyone that plays around him. Not only does the Argentine Wizard has more assists than the prolific Portuguese, but his vision and style of play keep his teammates very much involved. Messi is also an intelligent player and mostly finds the right spaces to get into and plays with his teammates to build attack, while the Portuguese is being presented as an executor, who plays up high and scores great and phenomenon goals when he gets the chance to. These set of people believe that Messi drops more and gets the ball in order to keep and maintain possession of the ball more and with keeping these possessions, he can set up attack for other of his teammates and therefore making him a better player than Ronaldo.

Messi Ronaldo

There are some others who see these two Supermen with their unique abilities, they say Messi and Ronaldo differ mostly in style as Ronaldo seems to be a machine, an explosive player, with a unique physical ability and huge amount of talent. He is a tall, strong, and unarguably one of the greatest players, but doesn’t possess the magic of Messi. Meanwhile, Messi is considered be a greater natural Talent. His dribbling is well considered to be the best the game has ever witnessed, couple with his passing and shooting abilities that comes with precision of a brain surgeon. He is known to make unbelievable moves that mostly leave those watching him speechless and shocked; they confirm that watching the Argentine is always something special.

On the other hand, some other fans believe Ronaldo is a more advanced player. Seeing that in recent time’s football is more dynamic and athletic than ever, as the game has become faster, stronger and more demanding and while messi has talent, Ronaldo has the physical and technical abilities and makes him a better player than his Argentine counterpart. His physical presence, mixed with his high jumping abilities like that of an NBA Player makes his headers exceptional and a serious threat. It’s also a fact that the Portuguese has an amazing dribbling skill, shooting ability of both his left and right feet and all combine to make him a more complete player than Messi.

It is also believed by these set of people that Ronaldo has not been so lucky as Messi because he has played with a better team than Ronaldo and therefore, making him have the ability to win as many trophies as he has won. Messi has polayed with arguably the best side to play football, with the likes of Henry, Ronaldinho, Eto, Iniesta, Xavi, Puyol, just to mention a few. Being in the Barcelona team, they know each other like the back of their palms, so it was always easier for Messi to provide a classic performance each match day. These said, It doesn’t mean that Ronaldo’s teammates were bad, they were all exceptional players but not as great as that of Messi, in comparisons. These set of poeple see Ronaldo as a driving factor of his team, while Messi is an added advantage to his already made team over the years.

Lastly, some fans ball down to the fact that International career is also a major factor and Ronaldo’s International career puts him way up on a higher level than Lionel Messi. The Argentine man has never won an international trophy, despite being in two finals, the Copa America and the 2018 World cup Final, meanwhile Ronaldo led his Portuguese team to win the 2016 European Championship, and it looks like, even with an international trophy like the Copa America, Ronaldo’s International Achievements would be rated higher than that of Messi, as International trophies are more likely to be seen as the ultimate glory in football.

Haven stated the different views of supporters of both exceptional players, Messi on one side, is a better team player and more talented and on the other hand, Ronaldo is a more complete player with a better International career. But can we still choose one player over the other?

These two players have dominated football for over a decade now and have won the Ballon d’Or and European Best awards more times than anyone, thereby not giving the opportunity to many other super talents who have emerged during the course of their domination. It is only reasonable to create a different category of award for these two players till they retire and leave the World best player award, opened for other emerging talent that we have in world sport now.
I know you have your own reservations or view to this context but don’t you think it’s high time we jointly celebrate these exceptional players before they retire, because there might never be a challenging duo as theirs in Football.

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