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My 63yrs Old Father Verbally Abuses Me, I want to Sue Him to Court

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Good day mummy. Help me and ask your people if there is a lawyer that can help me sue my father. My father is 63 years. I am from a polygamous home and my late mother is my father's second wife. 

My mum passed on last 5 years. Since my mum died, nobody cares about me and my brother. My mum was her parents only child. I beg my father for money to cook. My only sibling, my elder brother Hardly even sleep at home and my father doesn't care. 

My mummy passed on after my senior waec and all efforts for me to further my studies isnt working. My father verbally abuses me, that I am a worthless child born by a wayward woman. That I will end up wayward like my mum. That my mum cheated on him while she was alive and he hasn't forgiven her. I am getting frustrated with life. I tried to get into school on my own and ended up raped by a bus driver while working as a sales girl to raise some money. I learnt to fight the world on my own. I stopped the job because of distance and started learning hair making. My elder brother is jumping from States to States looking for survival. Since 8 months I haven't seen him, he hasn't come home. My father married the third wife 2 years after my mum passed on. My friend's think that all is well with me but nothing is fine. I even lied to them that I am schooling at the north. I am even looking older than my age.

 Ma please, is there any lawyer that can sue my father to take up his responsibility on me ? I am 22 years.

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