My Boyfriend Says Am Not Good Enough for Him to Marry - Lady Cries Out in Pain

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Matter of the Heart...  A Lady who prefer to be kept anonymous seems to be in a deep emotional pain as she cried out to Joro and his followers for solutions on her relationship saga.

"More shoes and money uncle Joro, keep me
anonymous please, my enemies are plenty."

The lady wrote to Joro, a popular relationship blogger expressing her pains from a relationship with a guy who is saying that she's not good enough for him. 

According to the lady, she have been having Nightmares ever since her boyfriend told her that they can't marry with the note that she is not good enough for him to marry her and He can't because of pity marry her. 

"My chest has been paining me and I keep having nightmares about the situation. My boyfriend says I am not good enough for him to marry and he cannot do pity relationship.

The Lady in pain also said that her boyfriend told her she is not his soul mate, she is blocking him from finding his soul and he also asked her permission to cheat on her.

" He said he has to look for his soulmate and I am
blocking him. He also asked me for permission to cheat. I think he has started cheating. 

" He answers calls in my presence now  he even does video calls with them now. My head is paining me I am so sad
what do I do?

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