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Nigeria Now The Most 3rd Affected Country In Africa As Coronavirus Cases in Nigeria has Reached 50,000

According to the National Center for Disease Control, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in Nigeria has now exceeded 50,000. 

This makes Nigeria the third most affected country in Africa. South Africa and Egypt are first and second place. 

In Nigeria, Lagos State is home to the coronavirus; 17,092 people are infected in the state.

The good news is that many of those infected have already recovered, but the bad news is that nearly 1,000 people have died from the disease. 

Statistics show that those infected have been on the rise since the government reopened the city in May. But many experts say it is not yet known how many people have the disease in Nigeria because it is not being screened properly. 

Health professionals involved in the fight against Covid-19 in Nigeria have also repeatedly stated that the government is not providing them with adequate equipment to protect themselves called 'Personal Protective Equipments'. (PPE). 

Already, all denominations have resumed where sixth-grade students have returned to school and begun their exams.

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