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Nigerian Man to sues Doctor for saving his life with blood transfusion, says it’s against his faith

A Nigerian man has reportedly sued a Doctor in a hospital for saving his life with Blood transfusion after he almost lost his life in Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria.

According to a Twitter user, The unidentified man was reportedly involved in an accident which almost took his life, but with the quick thinking of doctors at the hospital, he was saved after being transfused.

After he regained consciousness and was brought up to speed on what occurred, he threatened the hospital with a lawsuit, because they gave him blood which is against his faith.

@Goddess_greyc wrote: 

So this guy had an accident, almost lost his life, rushed to the hospital and was given some blood. He regained consciousness and became better. Now he wants to sue the doctor for giving him blood while he was unconscious, on the grounds that it’s against his faith.”

*Hmm... I reserve my comment*

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