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Nigerians Reacts But I Think He Did That So He Doesn't Lose The $158m He Won

A viral photos of a man he won $158m has been trending online with lots of reactions.

The Photos are trending because of the kinda of dressing he was in when he went to receive the cash prize.

He wore a mask to cover his Face so that people won't recognize him. 

Some reactions monitored by Kingsparo below:

Very smart. And he didn’t do it so his friends and relatives won’t ask for money. They can guess. He probably did it to reduce the general societal pressure and that makes sense.

$158,400,000. One hundred and fifty Eight million, four hundred dollars. Chaiiiii. This is Fortune of the year.

Or you know...hes protecting his identity from criminals who would kidnap him or his family for a ransom.

Best thing to do

I think the man did it to protect his identity from criminals to avoid losing the money. 

But for whatever reason he had, the man simply identified as A. Campbell based on the name written on the symbolic cheque, didn’t want his identity exposed.

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