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One Common Thing That Makes You Go Broke After Touching Little Money

Photo: Kingsparo

This post is triggered out of my own personal experience, I have experience being broke after seeing, feeling and touching money for a period of time.

I have come to realize the reason why at a time it seems the money after getting it vanishes. 

Am alleging that it could be a general problem, don't be mad at me if it doesn't happen to you as well. 

According my personal experience, any time i become broke i will start searching for means to bring cash to my pocket.

I will start working hard until i start seeing turn up again, once it seems like i have gotten the money i want at the moment, i will start backsliding in my hustle which leads me to being broke again. 

From my above experience, I have come to realize that not working is a common reason one gets broke.

No vex, Life is all about experience so na my experience be that. You can put my realization at work and see if it will work for you as well.

You can also share your being broke experience and how you manage to get back on track below:

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