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Please Disregard News That Evans Has Been Sentenced to Death! Here is What You Need to Know

Hello world, please disregard every social media and news blogs writing that Chikwudubem Onwuamadike popular known as Evans has been sentenced to death. 

Though lots of blogs have reported the news within the last 24hrs. Kingsparo labels the news as rumor as authoritative news sites are yet to confirm the report by publishing articles about it. 

Multiple reports on social media and blogs claims Lagos High Court passed her judgement and sentenced Evan to death on Monday, 17th of August.

 Fact Check:

1. Evans appeared in court on Friday August 14, not Monday August 17 as claimed by the viral false report. 

2. According to Vanguard News, the Lagos High Court sitting in Ikeja had ruled on the no-case submissions made by Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, aka Evans and co-defandants on the said date.

3. Justice Hakeem Oshodi, while presiding over the kidnap and murder trial lamented that the case was stalled for many years. 

4. At the August 17 trial, Evans was not sentenced to death, Oshodi adjourned the case to Oct. 16 for defense after the new counsel requested an adjournment to prepare for defense.

Thanks for Reading. So Please Disregard News That Evans Has Been Sentenced to Death!

Source: Kingsparo

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