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Pretty Lady Reveals What She Will Do On Her Wedding Day Instead of What Other Ladies Normally Does

I will not cry on my wedding day but will rush to my husband’s house, Woman shares online

There’s been this aged long unwritten tradition amongst women on their wedding day which many assume to be that of joy although it wasn’t that way originally. 

Women on their wedding day usually cry which has now been transformed to be tears of joy from them for eventually getting married to a man of their dreams. 

This aged long tradition came from the older days when a woman is married and taken away from her parent’s home. She cries for leaving a place she’s known to be her home all her life to another man’s that she barely knew well and would live with all the days of her life.

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 Then when the white wedding came, women still cry perhaps that of joy but it seems some now fake being passionate so to fulfil all righteousness.

A woman by name @Jiminez_cartel has decided to be different form other women as she won’t cry on her wedding day. 

To her, its a thing of joy and doesn’t require any tears whatsoever. She said the way she would rush and enter the husband’s house will marvel everyone that they will start thinking if anything is pursuing her.

Is there any need crying on your wedding day when your husband is actually the one that’s supposed to cry for making such expenses on you the wife? In actual sense, the man ought to be in pains and not the woman but women as you know are quite emotional.

Would you cry on your wedding day if you aren’t married yet?

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