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Read What Abaribe Said About the War in Enugu + Other Updates From the War Between IPOB and Security Operatives

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe has condemned the massacre in Emene. He says the government will launch an investigation into the incident on August 23, 2020 in Emene, Enugu. 

Abaribe said this through his spokesperson Uche Awom. He added that the high frequency of killings indicated that there was something else behind it. 

Eastern governors are planning to hold a meeting for Emene 

Similarly, the co-ordinator of the eastern governor's party, Professor Uchenna Ortuanya, has said that the group is in favor of holding a conference on the importance of the need in Emene. 

East Photo captions, Governors of eastern Nigeria

Ortanya told the BBC that they were waiting for their turn to meet and said they would personally report on their achievements.

This comes as many on social media have been criticizing the silence the group has been receiving since the incident. 

'Name the Ipob and DSS members who were allegedly killed in the clashes


What people are already saying is that they want the names of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob), DSS and Enugu police said to have died in the riots. BBC Igbo called on Ipob and DSS officials yesterday for 24 days to release the name but Ipob declined to comment as the DSS said they must release any names now. The Igbo community is doing research

Ohaneze Ndigbo 


The Enugu State General Assembly has said it is investigating a dispute between members of the Indigenous People of Biafra and the state police on Sunday. Their leader Alex Ogbonna said this during an interview with BBC Igbo on Monday evening. 

Ogbonna said it was a riot that resulted in the deaths of some people, much to their chagrin. He said: 

"We are looking into the matter to find out how it all went." "We also call on the government to look into the matter and expose it." 

"The promise we are making is that all those involved in the unrest will not go down in vain. 

When contacted by BBC Igbo, Nnia Nwodo, the president of Ohaneze Ndigbo in Nigeria, said he had nothing to say because he did not know everything about it. Similarly, IPOB lawyer Alloy Ejimako has criticized the urgent need in Emene.

He said it was horrible that the police and the Nigerian army would leave all those who were harassing the land and chase the youths and youths of the land without any tools. 

Listen to what he has to say in detail here. 

The film shows how one ran for this tragedy 'Stop all Ipob groups in Enugu' -  Nnamdi Kanu 

The Ejimako issue comes as Ipob leader Nnamdi Kanu has told his party members in Enugu state to stop all meetings above and below freezing. 

Kanu made the remarks in an interview with Radio Biafra yesterday while commenting on the violence in Emene Enugu between the police and Ipob.

Police Voice on Violence between Ipob and Police 


In a letter from Enugu State Police spokesperson Daniel Ndukwe, they explained that as many as 500 Ipob members blocked the road with tires, and arrested the police. the secret is DSS.

The letter also said that Police Commissioner Ahmad AbdulRahman had sent his staff to quell the unrest there. Security forces including the DSS, the police and the Nigerian army went there when the Ipob group started firing at them. 

After being repulsed by gunfire, two members of the Ipob were killed and several others escaped. He said they rescued one of the DSS members arrested by Ipob, and found two other members of their group dead. The statement also said that five members of the Ipob group, who believed to be members of the banned group, had been arrested.

He said the people who claimed to be in the area were undergoing medical training. They said they saw a knife, a nail clipper and various phones there. 

'Police kill 21 Ipob, arrest 47 in clashes in Emene' - Emma Powerful 

IPOB standard Photo caption, IPOB began its protest in 2012 

Emma Powerful, a spokeswoman for the Ipob group, condemned the police attack in Emene, Enugu. Powerful said his teammates were killed during a shooting at 21 locations, and police killed 47 people. But people return to their homes or their belongings and flee.

In front of St Patrick's school Photo description

The Conflict goes beyond here Following the incident, police cordoned off areas such as Eke Obinagu near the entrance to Emene and prevented people from Orie Emene from crossing the border. 

Community School in Emene Photo booths, 

The Place where the Ipob hold their meetings Our investigation revealed that the riot started at Community High school Emene from St patricks college fee Grand Mango to Orie Emene. 

"I saw two people shot dead in Emene" we saw what happened 

Mr. Henry at the time described how he saw two people killed in front of him during the riots. 

He explained that the practice began at about eight o'clock in the morning when the Ipob people were meeting, praying, and singing. 

"DSS and SARS as well as the police came in and started beating a man, shooting him and injuring him. This caused others in the room to come out and find out what was going on. 

" He said police started firing at the area despite the fact that people were not involved in the incident. "Two people were killed and at least 60 others were injured in what became known as the Cold War." 

Our reporter saw the body of a fireman there 

Following the clashes between Ipob and the police in Emene, Enugu, a BBC reporter went there and found the body of a man who was on fire in Orie Emene.

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