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Snails May Look Innocent But Look At The Harm They Do To Human Beings

Yes! You are looking at snails. I realized that so many people in Africa, especially in the countryside, not only recognize this creature, but also touch, play, or even eat it.

Before I clear your doubts and give you a reason why you should move more or less as far away from the giant African snail as possible, you have to get to know this animal.

The African giant snail is a mollusc type invertebrate. As the name suggests, it originates from the eastern regions of Africa, especially Kenya and Tanzania. Due to its nature, it managed to spread and survive in places as far away as the United States and the continent of South America.

They eat various plants, fruits, paper, even sand.

The African giant snail is a Haemophrodite. I mean, they have male and female genitalia. Even though they have both organs, they still mate. You can see some lay up to 200 eggs on the way, and they will reach adulthood in just six months. They usually live up to ten years.

They usually live up to ten years.

Now you have to make an effort to understand how this seemingly harmless and innocent creature can harm, let alone kill, anyone for a minute. Let me break it down from an indirect way to a direct one that can impact you.

First, these snails are invasive pests (they spread quickly, are unwanted and dangerous). Most people don’t like seeing these animals around the house, but their ability to breed very quickly makes it nearly impossible to get rid of.

According to agriculturists, they are destructive, they eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits. This affects humans because plants grown for human consumption are destroyed by these organisms.

It literally eats up almost anything, while it feeds on the beautiful cement concrete used to build homes in the more developed countries.

The giant African snail produces a slimy substance everywhere. This mucus contains roundworms. This is a parasite known as rat lungworm. They are temporary and very difficult to identify. When these parasites enter the body via the bloodstream, they reach your brain and cause a disease known as eosinophilic meningitis.

.How did this slime get into our body?

Since these snails eat most of our vegetables, traces of this mucus can be found in them and when consumed by humans, they walk their way to the brain.

They also produce mucus, which is still present in parts of the body, possibly under the shell. When you or your children touch them, they stick to your hands and find their way into your body, especially when you touch inward-facing parts of the body such as your nose or when you eat without washing your hands.

Most people eat and use snails as meat. In fact, snails are raised and sold for food. For those who eat snails, raw or barely cooked snails are dangerous for you. Roundworms enter your body.

Worst of it all…

I heard that the snail is now a new saviour for women when it comes to owning and maintaining a smooth and clear face. People use it to treat skin problems like acne and pimples. You rub this mucus all over your face, forgetting that it can easily get into your mouth, eyes or nose.

are the conditions, if you are not careful you will likely experience headaches, tingling sensations, muscle problems and if severe, coma and sadly death.

How do you save yourself

You already know that these animals are invasive, but that won’t stop you from getting rid of them. Remember to keep your environment very clean. Remove any dirt that might bring them and build a house for them.

Make sure you or someone else moves away from it or carefully throws it away. Then wash your hands thoroughly

When you eat it don’t forget to cook it very well to make sure the roundworms don’t activate.

Are you using their slime to moisturize your skin? look for a better alternative, or at least making sure they don’t have access to you.

Now you know why you need to be careful with this creature and many others don’t. Do your best to share as much as you can to save lives.

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