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Tinubu has a lot to offer Nigerians, Nothing can stop him from becoming President in 2023 – Ajomale

Henry Dele Ajomale, a former chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, in Lagos state has said that no force can stop the current momentum of Tinubu’s presidential aspiration in 2023

In an exclusive interview with theSun, He said:

“Honestly, I believe that no force can stop or frustrate Tinubu if it has been destined that he will be there in 2023. Moreover, why would any group be so desperate to stop a man that is eminently qualified to hold the post?”

“Tinubu is eminently qualified, and if he comes out today to express interest I believe that millions of Nigerians will come out to support him.

“Forget whatever people like Adebanjo are saying. Some of these things they are saying are even borne out of envy, and personal jealousy. If Tinubu is destined to be there in 2023, no human force can stop him.”

“Although some people would say that why should another Yoruba man after Obasanjo served as President, and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo as Vice-President, should set his eyes on 2023, but my take on that is this, what we should emphasize in 2023 is the principle of zoning, and under that arrangement it is supposed to be the turn of the South in 2023, and when it comes to the turn of the South then the presidency can go anywhere in the region.

“By this, I mean Tinubu’s aspiration should not be seen as a threat to the ambition of any other individual in the South who also has interest in 2023.”

“In a recent interview, the national leader of Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, Alhaji Yerima Shettima said older generation of political leaders should step back because they have nothing to offer again…”

“Cuts…..Did he mention Tinubu in that interview? I don’t think so. Moreover, I don’t agree with his viewpoint. There are still some members of the old generation of politicians who are still relevant , and who still have something to offer Nigeria. We are in democracy, and I believe the choice of who should lead the people should be left to Nigerians to decide.

“Tinubu still has a lot to offer Nigerians, and it will be in Nigeria’s interest if Tinubu emerges the country’s president in 2023. Some of us and others are ready to mobilize for him as soon as he publicly declares interest. We know what Tinubu is capable of doing, and that’s why we have decided to support him.” He added.

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