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What's Happening in Nigeria? 3 Cases of Related Inhumanity Recorded within 7days

Within 7days or one week, 3 cases of related Inhumanity has been recorded in Nigeria. 

On the 11th of August 2020, Kingsparo TV reported a News of a 10yrs Boy who was locked in goat stall for 2yrs by his father and stepmother before he was rescued by the Police.

It was reported that the boy drinks his urine and sometimes eats from the animal's food because he has nothing to eat or drink. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Another related news is that of a 30yrs old man who was also locked up for 3 years by his father and stepmother. He was also rescued by the Kano State Police.

Kingsparo TV reported this on the 14th of August 2020. 

His father in police net said he locked him up when he started taking hard drugs and smoking. Read FULL ARTICLE HERE!

Today, related news hits the internet, Another Man in his thirties have been reportedly chained for 15yrs by his father at his apartment in Sheka quarters in Kano State. 

He was rescued by the Police in Kano and has been taken to hospital for treatment, the reason why he was locked up is yet unknown. 

What is Happening in Nigeria? It touches me when I read this kind of News, you lock human beings up without food or water. 

Even if he is smoking or taking hard drugs is there no way to put him in order instead of locking him up for years leaving him to suffer? 

God Have Mercy on Us. 

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