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Why We Need Tiger Nuts In Our Daily Diet (Aki Hausa, Kunnu Aya)

Tiger nut (cyperus esculentus) is a perennial grass-like plant with edible tubers and pale yellow cream kernel surrounded with fibrous sheath. It is also known as earth almonds, yellow nut sedge, tiger nut sedge, “ataadwe” in Ghana, “kunnu aya” or “aki hausa” in Nigeria, “horchata de chef” in Spain, “souchet” in French and “ermandeln” in Germany. Tiger nuts are one of the earliest recorded plant that was cultivated in the ancient Egypt and have been there for up to 4000 years. There are three different varieties of tiger nuts, the black, brown and yellow varieties.

Although the brown and yellow varieties are the most common in the market, most people prefer the yellow variety because of its texture, fleshy body, beautiful color and bigger size. The yellow variety also yields more milk and it is lower in fat and higher in protein contents.

Tiger nut is a valuable food for nourishment, they are rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Studies have shown that tiger nut milk contain more of these nutrients than the normal cow milk, and can be used as substitute if you are lactose intolerance.

It is mostly recommended for people who are gluten or allergic to cow milk. The high amount of protein and insoluble fiber contained in tiger nuts makes it a good ketogenic diet. This food work wonders in treating digestive problems and boosting the immune system.

Food is anything we eat to make nourish our body, they say, but we need more than just body nourishment sometimes, we need to enjoy more even if it’s not nourishing our body. Tea and bread is popular Nigerian meal, mostly consumed as breakfast. The bread can be brown or white and the tea is mostly made with milk, chocolate powder and sugar. Sometimes people can add the popular Lipton drink, some use soya beans and others take just milk and sugar. If you have a habit of taking tea and bread every morning then the least you should know is what it does to your body and some health benefits and effect. A Cup of tea (about 200g) you take, according to nutritional facts, contains milk, mostly cow milk which is high in protein. It contains about 74 calories, 3.2g of total fat and 1.8 gram of saturated fat. Cholesterol 9.8mg, sodium 42mg, potassium 159mg. Total carbohydrate 8.4 and 3.1 gram of protein. It also contains vitamins A and C, Iron and calcium.

One of the significant benefits of tiger nuts is the ability to boost infertility in men and women. Most native Chinese practitioners use this food in treating menstrual disorders, mouth and gum ulcers and severe stomach pain. Tiger nuts are used in Ayurvedic medicines and it’s a powerful sexual stimulant. They are considered an effective remedy for constipation, diarrhea, gas, arthritis and colitis. Tiger nuts can be stored for about 2 years but they should be ventilated and protected from insects.

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