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6 Unforgivable sins Men find hard to forgive their women

We are commanded by the Holy Bible to forgive all who wronged us SEVENTY TIMES SEVENTY. But is it really that easy to forgive and forget? Present injuries and wounds, without remembering and visiting? Yeah, it's so darn hard most of the time, and not easy.

One would say, there are some mistakes that I can quickly forgive, and some mistakes that are not forgivable regardless of how one seems to always love, care, and devote to the other. 

Being an unforgiving person and having bygones be bygones varies depending on the degree of the wrong done. And that varies from person to person. So be you a guy or a woman. 

There are some sins a man would make and a woman would pardon him. Whereas, if the woman in question repeats the same mistake, a man may hold it against her for the remainder of her life, or as long as the said relationship endures. 

Below is a list of mistakes that a woman can do to her man, that he finds so unforgivable;

1. A woman who, though still in the relationship, sleeps with other men: this is one of the greatest sins a woman will ever commit to a man. A man might say he's forgiven the woman but he's not going to relate the ways he used to. He may see her only as someone with whom to sleep, to spend time, and not take her seriously.

2. A woman who disrespects his dad: It's all business. Regardless of what, a lady has no right to insult her partner's family by either abusing them, battling them, or doing mean things behind their backs. This causes disunity in the relationship and disharmony. And the man will spend a long time holding it against the woman.

3. A woman who cheats to her husband with a close friend: What could be worse than discovering that your wife is cheating you with your best friend. A man may never forgive his wife, and take away this kind of sin. This is an unpardonable wound and sin I have to say!

4. A woman who uses the man to obtain money: no one wants to be taken for granted. Or use it for one or a few items from the partnership you stand to gain. He feels less desirable if a man discovers this act and ends up hating the woman

5. A woman who suffers and disgraces her husband at the slightest provocation: no man wants a woman who is a tigress or a lioness. A woman who would start screaming and disgracing her man in the presence of his neighbors and friends at the slightest misunderstanding. This is a sin a woman has committed in which a man finds it unforgivable.

 6. A woman who makes her husband lose his job because of her lying towards him: in most countries abroad, many men seem to lose their identity every year because their wives become uncontrollable and disrespectful towards them only because the authority wants more women. A man will never forgive a woman for this sort of sin. Since men see their employment as their infants, then the woman becomes an unforgivable sin if it's taken from them, and the cause of that happening.

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