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A Hustling Boyfriend Doesn’t Need A Patient Girlfriend, He Needs A Hustling Girlfriend — Man Says

A South African man identified as Franky DjNaughtyboy on facebook has made a strong suggestion to hardworking single men on the type of ladies they should go for.

Franky, who is obviously a Disc Jockey, told single men who are working hard to better their lives, that they don’t need a patient girlfriend but a girlfriend who is hard working like them and even better, if she is educated.

Nowadays, most single guys want their girlfriends to be patient with them as they try their best to improve their financial situations, but to Franky, single men need girlfriends who are working hard too not just being patient with their boyfriends but doing nothing, because in Franky’s opinion, two people working hard is better than just one doing the whole job.

He concluded by telling girls not just to stay in a relationship doing nothing but to go out and work because girls need to work hard too

He took to his facebook page and wrote;

No! A hustling Boyfriend doesn’t need a patient Girlfriend!! He needs a Hustling Girlfriend too, an educated Girlfriend!!

Girls need to know they also need to work hard too!!

His friends on facebook most especially single guys agreed with him and some have their own opinions. Below are some of the best replies

Msukelwa Dima Mdawu: I said that in a taxi.. another mother called me son-in-law. but her child is just rherha and men are happy to be taken to China and ozone solo she doesn’t get up

Jody Charles Rametsi: They will call you under the post

Bobo Nompumelelo Mogola: Yazin I broke up with my ex because he says I worship money more than him

Ntokozo Las Bon Mahlangu: Ai my dog lam also tired of unemployed

Tumelo Bafana Magaela: Right message wrong audience

Lay-lay Leit: Highly impossible. I will decide if I want o work or not but Men are meant to feed the house (Girlfriend or wife). That’s a fact.

Ronny Alex Mutombo: Do you know that in Ig there are so many ladies looking so high profiled, so sexy, with a luxurious life and self independent influence in their pictures, they take pics in every fancy and luxurious places, hotels, beach, restaurants, office, spars, bars, leisure establishments, airplanes etc…, they dress clothes that cost unbelievable prices, take mirror selfies showing latest IPhone series, you sure to assume that they all deserved what they are from hardworking until you DM them and finally can share numbers, once you have personal contacts, those girls be never okay all days and they be asking you to buy them data like Quiz for Champion game

… Kanti are you really the type of girl who can be running out of air or the type of girl who can be needing R50 airtime from a guy when looking at your standard on Ig? balance me there independent ladies pls…

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