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After Putting 2886 ATM Cards Belonging to Peoples Inside Indomie Carton to Fly to Dubai, This is Where It Landed Him

There is this news trending now I will like to share with you, according to the headline of this article is about a man who was caught with 2886 ATM cards packaged inside noodles Carton.

Possibily, these ATM cards he was caught with belongs to the citizens of these nation.

It's not a crime carrying ATM cards but not when it's more than expected. Imagine 2886 cards in one person's possession, its suspicious guys!

The Man identified as Ishaq Abubakar was caught by the operatives of the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) at Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA) while he was about to leave Nigeria for Dubai with those ATM cards carefully packaged.

From being arrested, this act has landed him to Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) net. EFCC have vowed that everyone involved in the conspiracy will be arrested and prosecuted by the commission.

EFCC said the ATM cards could be used for money laundering or Foreign Exchange Malpractices.

Only him knows how he managed to get such huge number of ATM cards. 

If you are selling off your account to people this is a warning for you.

If the account is used for money laundering or any other illegal activities and its traced to your account you are in trouble and not the person commits the crime. 

You know why?  Your informations are in the account which makes you the number one suspect. 

Guide your bank account like you guide your life!

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