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Age is Just a Number 4th September 2020 Written update

Sahil looks towards Bhoomi was lay her head on the steering wheel unconscious, she straightens up. Sahil helps Bhoomi get out of the car. Sahil was still in the car and watch Bhoomi fell down on the road. Vaidika reached the cliff where Sahil hug from the corner.

Vaidika was afraid that if she fulfil her love, Sahil would leave her forever. Sahil promises to be with her in the next birth if not this. Vaidika continue to scream while her hand loses that of Sahil. Sahil fell down the clip, promising Vaidika to return soon in their love story.

Sahil’s photo fell off the wall in Bari Amma’s room. She runs outside in the hall and asks Prachi about Sahil crying. Prachi tells Bari Amma that Sahil won’t return in their lives until that Vaidika is there with him. Bari Amma slaps Prachi and forbids him say so again, her Sahil can’t die.

Sahil speaks from the other side. She soon realizes it was only a recorded message from Sahil. She asks the inspector to look for Sahil, he is somewhere around. Vaidika tells them to question Bhoomi, she was driving the car and was with Sahil in his last moments.

Vaidika thinks about Sahil’s last words and decides she can’t let Sahil go away so easily.

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