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All You Need to Know about Decdes Online Store Where You can Buy Quality Products at Cheap Price

Decdes Online Store is a new age wholesale and retailer store where you can buy practically buy any product you want at a cheap price.

Not just any product, quality products with warranties. 

Decdes Online Store is physically located at Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria while you can also comfortably shop online anywhere in the world and get your orders delivered to your doorstep within a twinkle of an eye. 

Products in Decdes Catalog:

1. Blenders
2. Silicone Mold
3. Silicone Scraper or Spatula
4. Beauty products
5. Organic products
6. Industrial chemicals
7. Spy cameras
8. Thermometer
9. Melt and pour soap base.
10. Cream base.
11. Measurement scales, Cups and Spoons.
12. Oils 
13. Herbal plaster.
14. Kinoki Healthcare Detox Foot Patch--White
15. Wooden Soap Cutting Tools.
16. Measurement & Analysis Instruments PH Test Strips 1-14 Litmus Paper PH Paper Indicator Portable PH Tester.
17. Mica powder
18. Pyrex Glass Measuring Jug.
19. emergency / rechargeable bulb .
20. Luminous sticker Fluorescent Plastic Wall Sticker Home Decor .
21. Washing machine
22. Essential oils
23. Electric portable cloth dryer.
24. Wavy cutters
25. Straight cutter.
26. Water purifier
27. Wooden soap molds


If you are shopping online, you get your orders delivered Between 6 hours to 72 hours (3 days) depending on the location.


Buy 3 items & get 10% off

Buy 4 items & get 15% off

Buy 5 items& get 20%off

Buy more than 8 items and get free delivery. (For Nigerians only)

For more details contact them through the following :

DecDes website:

DecDes WhatsApp catalog: (

Tell:/ WhatsApp number - +234 908 192 7527.

LinkedIn :

Facebook page :

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