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Arrest Any of Us the Struggle Continues - Biafran Group

A Biafran group will reacting to what Orji Uzo Kalu said about bringing back Nnamdi Kanu from abroad to Nigeria said the won't stop the Biafra agitation even if any of them is arrested.

The Biafran group, Biafran Nations Youth League (BNYL) in s statement added that the Biafra project is not funded by politicians, rather its funded by freewill donations by Biafrans abroad. 

The Statement Says:

“What Orji Kalu is saying is rhetoric, as an Igbo man he knows deep down his heart that Biafra is a spirit, kill any of us the struggle continues,” 

“Arrest and any of us, the struggle continues. Whoever that he may manage to convince to end the agitation, the struggle continues.

“Biafra project is not funded by politicians but freewill donations by Biafrans abroad.”

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