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Chandra Nandni 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update on Atinka TV

Chandini inside trunk box. Dharma enters and shocked seeing a jittering trunk box. She goes and open to find Chandini inside. The two becomes shy and Chandra looks away. Dharma apologised, while Nandhini said they were only trying to hide from honey bees and nothing else.

A soldier comes and informs, the war horse which had kept for yagn is stolen, Chandini, Chanakya, Helena and Dharma reaches the horse shed. Chandra scolds the horse keeper.
While a drunken Bindusar comes riding the horse. He asks Chandra to start war with him as he had stolen the war horse. When Bindusar crossed the limit of insulting Chandra got ready to attack. As Chandra and Bindusar lifted their swords Nandini came in between and stopped the war.

Helena reveals her intension to create rift between Chandra and Bindusar and Nandhni slaps her. Nandini says she will be like an armour for Chandra and Bindusar and as long as she is alive no one can harm them.
Nandini shares her concern with Chanakya. He says he is only an advisor to CGM. He can even assist Nandini as she is Mukhya Maharani. But their family matters are to be solved by herself. He can give only a suggestion. He further tells, an arrow from an intelligent smart warrior can cause many wounded death but an advice from an intellectual can even kill an unborn child with out causing any injury.

At the dining, all are gathered, Nandhni challenges all to eat food without folding their hands. Surprisingly everyone including Bindusar and Helena tries for it. Suddenly Dharma got an idea and she instead of eating her self, gave it to Charumathi in her mouth. And thus found a solution. Bindusar gave food to Chandra and Chandra too feeded him this way.

Messenger comes and read out Message for Helena from Apama. That she needs to meet her. Chandra says Helena to go meet her Mother. After all went, Helena openly Challenges Nandini that before the next sunset Chandra himself will stop her from going.

Helena discuss her plan with Adonis and Alice. She has got a medicinal herb that will make Chandini happy.
Dasi smokes Chandini room with that herb. Nandini finds the fragnance good but faints. Doctor informs she is pregnent. Chandra is so happy. Helena says she will stay to look after her as once she has faced abortion already. Chandra asks Helena to stay back at Mehal and goes to inform others about the happy news. Helena says to Nandhni that she has kept her word and there is even time for the sun set. She reveals that Nandini’s pregnancy symptoms were the fake effects of that herb’s fragnance. Nandini shocked and asks Chandra is too happy and what will go through him when he comes to know the truth. Helena says she doesn’t care and warns her if she has to win then she should think and act like Helena.

Nandini informs this to Chanakya. He says one should not underestimate one’s enemy. He asks her to think like a Maharani.

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