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Dollar To Naira Rate Is No More N383, See The Current Price In The Market

Gooday readers, How was your night? Now I know that most of you are about to go to your various place of work but before you do so, RELIGIONS would like you to know the current price of Dollar to Naira today.

As at 28/09/2020 which was yesterday, The exchange rate of Dollar to Naira rate was N383, The exchange rate of Dollar to Naira means the value that Naira has after the change of the Dollar to Naira.

The exchange rate of Dollar to Naira has shoot up again which clearly means Naira is currently loosing its value in the market. As at today 29/09/2020, The exchange rate of Dollar to Naira is N384.96 approximately N385.

This obviously means that for every 1 dollar you want to exchange you'll be getting 384.96 naira. You'll find illustrative explanation of Dollar to Naira prices in different figures.

1 dollar - 384.96 Naira

10 dollar - 3,849.6 Naira

100 dollar - 38,496 Naira

1000 dollar - 384,960 Naira

10000 dollar - 3,849,600 Naira

100000 dollar - 38,496, 000 Naira

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