FICTION: I Knew My Wife was Cheating After Her Lover Died in My Matrimonial Bed

Good morning guys! This is yet another fictional story to educate you on this Wednesday morning.


It was a Monday morning, as usual i waked up as early as 5am to warm my vehicle for the day's drive. My wife and children still fast asleep i left them for work at 6.

Am a driver that conveys passenger from place to place. On that fateful day I went for only one trip because I wasn't feeling well.

On getting back, i see lot's of people gathered in my house murmuring, i didn't care to ask what was happening, on getting inside i saw one of my tenants lying dead in my matrimonial bed with all his clothes ripped off.

It happened that he died during a marathon. My wife couldn't look into my eyes as i entered the room. 

Residents alerted the police, they took my lovely wife away, she was charged to Court for murder and right about now she is chilling in the Jail. 

For me that is the end of our marriage, am not thinking of DNA test for my 3kids because I don't want to have another heartbreak.

The End!!

Have you ever wondered you take someone you are not married to inside and he or she doesn't make it out alive. What you gonna do?

Say No to Fornication and Adultery! 

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