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HELP A DYING BROTHER! I Often Shit Blood if I Goto Toilet, Please What Can I do to Stop It?

This is a health condition I want us to tackle. Please help a brother get out from Blood in Stool.

He wrote to me that he has been having this problem for months now and have gone to chemist store to buy drugs still the problem persist. 

According him, a chemist told him that its Dysentery advicing him to take 'Flagyl' when it starts.

The other said its an Ulcer advising that he shouldn't take 'surgery things'

He said he have done everything as directed by the chemist, took drugs as prescribed still if he goes to toilet, he still 'shit blood' . 

These have made him to be afraid of going to Toilet. 

He asked me what to do, I don't him don't know ooo. I just know a little of concoctions, this one is kinda complicated. 

Please What do you suggest he should do to stop this health problem.  

Suggest drugs if you know any, suggest remedies, suggest hospital, anything at all.

Comment below, Let's help a brother. 

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