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How One Night Stand with Mr Handsome Got Me Pregnant in NYSC Camp, Now I am Searching for the Father of My Unborn Baby

It all started in NYSC Orientation Camp Wannune,Tarka,Benue State. On this Fateful day I was on my way to Mammie market to get my favourite meal which is noodles and egg, I met this handsome young man on my way we picked a chat and he said he is heading to eat too.

We headed to my favourite spot and he ate the same meal as mine, I was about paying for my meal and surprisingly he said I shouldn’t bother about payment, I thanked him anyway and he requested for my phone number which I gladly gave him without hesitation. Moreover he paid for me without knowing me.

After that day, he didn’t call, until two days time when i thought he has forgotten me, i saw his call. He requested to know me better so we had a date the next day which was SAED class. we decided to meet at the stadium, there we have a long discussion and get to know our self better.

He summoned the courage to ask me out, i was actually waiting for him to say such during our conversation finally he did. I didn’t give him straight answer i just smiled which means yes.

He took me to my favourite spot for dinner. Who am i to say no, We had a good time that night but the fun was cut off by a soldier man who blow the beagle which signal us to return to our various lodges.

On the the last day of camp we left camp together and lodged in a hotel and trust me I slept with my Mr handsome. It was a one night stand, and yes i enjoyed it.

A month after leaving camp I missed My menstrual period which was as a result of the sex we had, All test shows am pregnant.

All effort to get in touch with Mr handsome have been in vain.

What should i do?

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