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How To Determine If The Child Born Is Biologically Yours

Having a child as a father is a dream come true for every father. However, there might be doubts at the back of your mind if the child is biologically yours. Does your child resemble any other man? Does the time of birth of the child doesn't sum up with the day you thought your wife must have conceived?

This shouldn't be a reason to alarm anymore. With technology advancement, one can take a paternity test to determine if they are the biological father of the child. Also, there are characteristics that a child can have that you or the mother does not have. This might signal that you aren't the biological father.

Here are characteristics that can show if you are the biological father or not.

1. Blood type- Blood type of the child might differ from both parents. This might mean that the father might not be the biological father.

2. Tongue rolling- Some people have ability to roll their tongue into a lobe. If you try this and its not possible for both parents yet the child can roll, it might mean the father might not be the biological father.

3. Ear lobes- The bottom of the earlobe can be attached to the head while others are dangling.

4. Hair type- Hair of the child may differ from the ones of both parents.

5. Cleft chin- A dimple at the center of the chin.

If this differs from your own, you should not ascertain that the child is not yours. The best move to take is to carry out a DNA test on the child. 

With this, you can visit the Nigerian Medical Research institute where they carry out DNA tests.

Also, there are other accredited labs that carry out DNA tests. This is the only sure way to determine if the child is yours or not. Therefore, in as much as characteristics might vary, that shouldn't be a conclusion that the child is not yours.

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