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If You Do These Things In The Morning, You Are Healthy

Waking up should not just be a usual thing that you rush into the kitchen for breakfast even if you slept hungry.The way you conduct yourself every morning is key in determining your health status and how you will behave the rest of the day. 

Your health is boosted and strengthened by the way you conduct yourself.

Science requires that a normal person should sleep for a maximum of up to eight hours after which they are expected to be awake.If you find yourself doing the following things, then you are healthy.

Short call

It should be the first thing every human being does whenever they are out of the bed. According to biology, the body while at rest during the night undergoes digestion and also the kidney is at work purifying the blood.With these all toxic substances in the body are moved to the bladder and therefore should be removed.This should be the first activity in the morning to let the bladder be free.


During morning hours the body is always reluctant maybe the night was terrifying. Exercise helps to activate the body and even the brain therefore preparing one for the day's activity.Exercise releases unwanted fats maintaining the body healthy.

Drink water

It is advised to atleast drink eight glasses of water in a day to avoid dehydration. These should start in the morning.At night the body might have lost water trying to balance sugar level and therefore excreted as sweat.A hydrated body is a healthy body.

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