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If Your Gas Cylinder Is On Fire, Don't Ever Pour Water On It. Instead Do This. (See Photos)

When you are in the kitchen cooking or doing what you know how to do best, and suddenly things just gets out of control with the gas cylinder or you start to notice an abnormal flame pattern with the burner and before you could detect the fault, there is fire outbreak. 

The cylinder is about to burn, and you have been hearing how gas explosion kills people in seconds, out of fear of not wanting to die. Most people who are not knowledgeable enough in this area, do the first thing their brain tells you them to do, which is to pour water on the fire.

Off course, water is a good solution for fire, its not a bad idea to pour water on fire, but it's a bad decision to pour water on a gas cylinder that has caught fire. its a really bad idea to pour water on that type of fire! Just incase you don't know, there are five classes of fire and each has a different way of putting it off. 


This includes our regular fire which occurs with wood, plastics and other solid stuff and water is the best remedy for it.


This is the main focus here, it involves combustible liquids and gases, and water is definitely a bad idea with this type of fire, not to forget that we also have class-C, class-D and class-Ktypes, but we won't get to that yet. So if water is not the best idea on stopping this type of fire, then what can you do to manage the situation?

F irst of all, manage your anxiety and fear, try not to panic, that's the first and most important step to managing it. Then you need to hurry up and put a large-enough cloth inside a bucket of water, let the cloth soak, then use it to cover the source of the fire. Make sure to spread the wet cloth over the area where the fire is coming from, then turn off the cylinder and leave the area for a while.

Don't ever try to pour water directly over the fire as this will cause a wider spread. Your biggest challenge in doing this, is your own fear, fear can make you do the wrong thing, you don't want to be at the mercy of your gas cylinder.

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