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If Your Husband Has Never Done These 4 Things To You, You're Very Lucky. You Need To Commend Him

Article Written by EdwinKenechukwu (via Opera News )

Are you a married woman, probably you have been married for couple of years now, or even for a very long time, and you have not experienced any BIG fallout with your husband. 

To you, you married the best man in the world, the man that is always there to take care of you and your children, to protect you, to pat you when you're sad. He is such a wonderful man, the man of your heart, the man that made your dreams come through. 

As a wonderful wife who married a wonderful man, how many times have you commended your husband for his unique characters, for always being there for you, for always loving you and providing for you? You should be an appreciative wife, and do the needful.

 If you don't commend him enough, he might not be encouraged to carry on with his fatherly roles, he may start feeling unappreciated, he may start developing negative feelings, and term you "bad wife". 

Again, so many women have had strings of bad experiences with bad men. Those women believe that their husband came to their lives with sweet mouth, convinced them, deceived them to take them as good men, but in the long run they turn out to be bad husband. It might be true to some certain extent, but maybe unappreciation played a big role in changing those men from good to bad. A man can be good today and turn bad tomorrow depending on the way he feels, and the role his wife plays in the family. I am among the people that believe so much in the value of appreciation. 

Some women complain of bad husband too

This article presents you with a unique opportunity to start seeing those unique qualities in your husband and the need to start commending him. There are 4 things which men do when they are so much angered, or so much fed up with their wives, if you have not experienced any of them from your husband, you're very lucky, you need to commend him. Those 4 things are discussed below, kindly read patiently and see the need to start commending him. 

1. He has never laid his hands on you, no matter the level of his anger 

If your husband have never laid his hands on you, I must tell you that you have a very unique and enduring husband. Women can be very annoying at times, they can be so insultive. Forgive me to say this, so many of them likes to take advantage of their husband mistake and present them all their flaws or weaknesses, any man who finds himself in that condition must be angered, and so many at times they react by beating up their wives. 

No matter what, he doesn't raise his hand to beat you

As a wife, since you married to your husband, he has never barked at you not to talk of laying his hands on you, no matter how angry he might be. He always endure you, he knows that women are like that sometimes and instead of reacting angrily, he always chose to walk out of the room to avoid doing something he will later regret. If your husband is one of those men mentioned above, you are very lucky, you need to Commend him for his endurance. 

2. He has never insulted you, or call you provocative names 

The worst thing a man can do to his wife is to keep reminding her of her weakness, or insult her at any slightest mistake. Some men are even fond of calling their wives names, calling them as if they are not important. I believe that even though the man is the head of the family and most at times the provider, he must hold his wife in high regard, he must always show her maximum respect. 

Good men don't insult their women

If your husband has never insulted or call you bad names, you're very lucky, you married the best husband in the world, and you must commend him for that. Even though he knew your weaknesses he never use them as an advantage to reciprocate how you make him feel at times. He is so matured, know what makes feel bad and avoid them just to make sure that you are always happy. There are only few men who are like your husband in the world, therfore you must always encourage him to do more by commending him. 

3. He has never walked out on you, even when you're talking provocatively 

Can you imagine how you feel when you're talking to somebody and he/she walks out on you? Now imagine how you will feel if that person is your husband. To a woman, it means that what she is saying is rubbish, or that her man doesn't care about her. It makes her feel bad, and sometimes regret why he married her husband in the first place. The woman talks might be provocative to her husband at times, but she don't believe that that is the enough reason for her husband to work out on her. 

Real men don't walk out

If you have the kind of husband that always stay to hear you out, allow you to voice out how your feelings even when your words are provocative, it shows how much he is and his enduring spirit. You're very lucky and you should always commend him. 

4. He has never shouted on you, even when you know that you broke his heart

A lot of men are fond of shouting on their wives when they are angry. Some men are so pompous and arrogant that they believe that the only way to show that they are superior to women is by always commanding or shouting at them. No woman likes to be with a man who thinks in that way, it makes them feel bad and therefore less comfortable.

He respects you

In the same way, there are men who talk in gentle voice, they talk to their wives with love and respect, and their wives cherish them for that. They know how important their wives are, how much they contribute to make sure that the family stays together, and therefore hold them in high regards.. If your husband is one of those men, just know that you're very lucky, and as a matter of fact, you should always commend him.

Do you agree with the writer? 

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