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Immediate Rat Killer: Mix Any Type Of Detergent and Soap in One Bowl of Water and Do This Qiuckly

For decades now we've always been always issues with rodents- rats especially. They tend to eat virtually all we've saved in our stores, kitchen, just name where anything eatable might be, and they eat them completely without leaving anything left for us to feed on. And mostly this gets us angry and make us feel down.

You're so lucky cause in this article I'll be helping you to solve the problems you've had for decades. And this is calls the SALT AND DETERGENT INSTANT RAT KILLER.

Please take note of these steps that I'm about to bring to you. And if you find this article quite useful and helpful, then don't hesitate to share this with your loved one and friends who might be having similar Issues too. Let's begin!!!

The arrangement is similarly a straightforward DIY undertaking and it costs nearly nothing. 

Equipments: Gloves, Measuring cup, Bowl, Sugar, Flour or Powdered Chocolate, Salt, and Detergent.


1) Wear your gloves

2) Measure a cup of flour, sugar or chocolate in a bowl

3) mix together all the content above.

4) Put 3 teaspoons of salt and detergent in the mixture above.

5) Mix thoroughly together

Boom, your rat killer is ready!!!

Put this in a place where the rats normally disturb you and you will see the Unique work of this mixture.

Please don't hesitate to share your opinion just incase you've used this before so others can believe the work of this helpful information.

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We need to eliminate this disgusting rodents from our homes.

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  1. Hmmmm. What type of stupid rat killing instructions is this?


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