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IMSU Lecturer Caught Pants Down on Camera

Two lecturers of the Imo State University, Prof Obinna Njoku and Dr Agonmo have been caught on camera while demanding sëëxual favours from their students.

While Njoku was captured on tape fondling his manh0od, probably in preparation for intercourse, Agonmo was arrested in a hotel he reportedly lured his victim to.

Njoku is a Knight of the church, and a respected leader in the society.

There have been no official reaction from Imo State University, over the two incidences yet. It is expected the State Institution would react formally.

Lecturers have been known to abuse students in other to change their grades. Over the years, some have been exposed. This would be the first time such will come to the open in Imo State University.

Many students when interviewed by Efizzy correspondent, were very happy at the development. Many lamented that there were still many more lecturers in the Institution involved in the act.

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