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Instead Of Eating Bread And Tea Every Morning, See Other 25 Breakfast Ideas For You

Are you not tired of having bread and tea as breakfast every morning? Well, there are so many other healthy options for you. Of course, there is nothing wrong with bread and traditional. But it gets boring when eaten all the time. I know bread and tea is very easy to set up. 

You only have to buy the bread and prepare your tea. But you need to look into your health also. Eating it all the time is not really healthy for you. Therefore, you should try out other breakfast options.

You can change your breakfast diet. You can start by drawing up a food time table and following it up diligently. That said, here are 25 breakfast ideas for you:

1. Akara and pap

There's nothing better than a bowl of hot pap eaten with akara. You can eat this on a Saturday morning.

2. Custard and moin moin

Custard and moin moin is the perfect breakfast for you. You can either eat moin moin made with beans or the one made with corn.

3. Fried plantain and fried eggs

Of course, eating fried plantains and fried eggs is a good way to start the morning.

4. Boiled yam and egg sauce

You can never go wrong with boiled yam and egg sauce. Ensure you add lots of fresh tomatoes and onions in the egg sauce. It makes it healthier.

5. Toast bread and coffee

6. Sandwich and tea

7. Cereals ( cornflakes, golden morn, quaker oats)

8. Stir fry noodles

This isn't the usual noodles you prepare. Add a little vegetables to spice it up and also make it healthy. You can add carrot, prawns, sweet corn, sausages and so on.

9. Pancakes and fruit juice

10. Fruit salad

11. Spaghetti and fish stew

12. Boiled plantain and vegetables

13. White rice and vegetable sauce

14. Beans and bread

15. Fried yam and fried eggs

16. Jollof rice

17. Spaghetti stir fry

18. Corn pottage

19. Oats and bread

20. Tea and biscuits

21. Potato pottage

22. Breadfruit or ukwa, as called by the Igbos.

23. Boiled potatoes, boiled yam and stew

24. Macaroni and egg sauce

25. White beans and stew

As you can see, there are a lot to choose from. Make your breakfast time worth it with the healthy meals you will eat.

Let's begin!

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