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Instead Of Eating Eba At Night, Here Are 5 Best Nigerians Food To Eat At Night For Perfect Sleep

As a grown adult he or she needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night, on a normal range. Yet, several people have problems falling asleep, and sleeplessness affects millions of people worldwide. The health problems linked with insomnia and sleep denial are many, from a dysfunctional immune system to premature aging, weight improvement, and increased chance for heart disease. Fortunately, you can enhance your night’s sleep without using hazardous drugs or supplements.

Here Are 5 Best Nigerians Food To Eat At Night For Perfect Sleep.

1. Potatoes ( potato Porridge )

Whether Fried or baked, potatoes are delicious not merely are they tasty, but potatoes are a great source of tryptophan (the sleep-inducing hormone), they also retain an overall soothing impact that is useful for both your body and your mind.

2. Bananas (fruit salads)

Bananas have been utilized as a natural sleep inducer for years. It is just like chickpeas and oatmeal, bananas also improve the levels of serotonin and melatonin. Moreover, this tasty fruit is also recognized as a normal muscle relaxant, enabling you to relieve tension and get prepared for bed in a natural, fast, and efficient way.

3. Seeds And Nuts

Seeds and nuts have an abundance of health advantages they do not only improve your strong and healthful heart, but they are also very prosperous in omega-3 fatty acids, which improve your mood in a natural and side-effect-free manner. Moreover, they are great sources of antioxidants as well. A small cup of almonds eaten before bedtime will help you sleep like a baby!

4.Fresh Milk And Honey.

This is a tasty and nourishing drink that acts as a natural sleeping pill.

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