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Lol! Chicken Theif Asked to Eat It Raw By Angry Mobs, He Bit Off the Head (Watch Video)

A video of a Chicken theif storms online which captures the moment angry mob gave instant justice to him by asking him to eat the chicken raw after the caught him red handed.

This morning gist is hilarious to me ooo, imagine the man hide the chicken inside his jacket. He was exposed after the dying chicken made an unusual sounds inside his jacket. 

A mob gathered after he was caught, and forced him to eat the chicken raw as punishment for the theft.

One of the persons at the scene was heard saying that since he stole the chicken with the intention of eating it, he might as well do so now.

The man was seen thereafter biting off the chicken’s head. It was also gathered that after the man managed to bite of the chicken’s head, he began vomiting. 

Watch Video Below:

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