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Man Arrested for Stabbing and Trying to Cutoff Young Woman’s Breast in Anambra State

Anambara state police say they have arrested a man who allegedly tried to cuffoff woman's breast for a reason best known to him.

The man identified as Ogbonna Nwankwo, aged 41, is accused of stabbing a girl named Bella Joseph on her stomach at a restaurant in Ihite, Orumba South, Anambara state.

Anambara State Anambara State Police spokesperson Haruna Mohamed said the man thought the woman was dead, He tried to cut off her breast before the girl screamed for help which prompted people in the hotel to come to her rescue.

Mohamed said police from the Umunze police station responded to a call from them as they rushed the woman to a hospital in Nnewi, where they arrested the gentleman as people had beaten him blue black. 

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