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Man Brutalize a Mother of 2 with Axe for Using Magic to Make His Big Manhood Small

A Lady have been admitted to the hospital in an unconscious state after being brutalized with an Axe.

The mother of two was rushed to the hospital after the father of her two children allegedly used Axe on his head. Reports says that she is currently battling with live and death as surgeries are being carried out on her amidst fears of partial paralysis.

The victim identified as Augustina Jowho Broma was strucked in the back and spin by her lover or boyfriend identified as Anthony Edijala.

This resulted after a misunderstanding between them. A source said Anthony Edijala alleged that Augustina have used magic to make his manhood that used to be big to be small. 

Meanwhile, Anthony have been arrested by the police who intervened when angry mobs wanted to descend on him.

Source said: 

“He had accused the victim of being the brain behind the shrinking of his manhood which he claimed used to be bigger than its present size, an incident that also contributed to the crack in their relationship.

“On the day of the incident, he said he had gone to the shop of the victim in an attempt to see his kids when they had an argument with the suspect grabbing an axe while trying to defend herself which he grabbed and used to strike her.”

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