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Meet The Only Nollywood Actor Who Is An Israelite By Descent

Isreal is one of the most historical, spiritual and developed nations in the world. Many people like to relate with them because of their prestige, the Bible stories are majorly about them.

Nigeria on the other hand is a blessed nation, wealthy, full of talents, mineral and human resources, now imagine a man who now is now a descendants of these two nations called Nigeria and Isreal.

Well, his talents speak for him as he is one of the most talented actors in Nigeria, his mother is from Ondo state while his father is an Isreali. 

His name is Ramsey Nouah and he is 49 years old. He has been active in the movie industry for 27 years, he started professionally in 1993. He was born in Lagos, grew up in surulere and studied Mass Communications in the university of Lagos.

His talents has brought him numerous awards including the best actor award for his role in the Figurine in 2010. This award was by the African Movie Academy Award. 

He is married to Emilia and they have one daughter and two sons, currently. They are Quincy Nouah, Camil Nouah, and Desiree Nouah.

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