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Must Read: How a Woman Mistakenly Killed Her Daughter With Pesticide (Sniper) While Following A Hairdresser's Advice

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This is a story of how a woman killed her daughter Pesticide after following a hair dresser's advice of getting rid of lice from her daughter's head. 

A nine year girl has been reported dead following the application of pesticide on her hair by her mother. This story is sourced from Opera News

File Image: Women Crying 

According to reports gathered, a woman followed the advice given to her by her hairdresser to apply pesticide on her two daughters hair to get rid of lice. 

Dr Gloria Nwosu, a medical doctor at the Rivers State University teaching hospital, made this disclosure while addressing journalists on Thursday. 

According to Dr. Gloria, one of the two daughters who was nine years of age died after convulsing for hours while medical personnel battled to save the life of the four year old sister. 

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Revealing the extent of the incident to the general public, Dr Gloria revealed that the pesticide affected the child's brain leading to convulsion and subsequently leading to her death. 

She stated that after checking the oxygen saturation of the deceased, it was discovered to be low.

Also, the deceased was constantly pouring out saliva right till the time she gave up the ghost. 

Although, they were able to save the life of the four year old after they gave her an antidote immediately she collapsed, her nine years old sister was not that lucky 

All parents should be very careful of the kind of advice they take from people.

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This mother harmlessly thought that the hairdresser would know the best way to get rid of lies and ignorantly went ahead to make use of the pesticide identified to be sniper to get rid of the lice from her children's hair. 

Her ignorance led to the death of one of her daughters, Let's be careful so we don't make same mistake the woman made. 

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