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My Sister is Sleeping With My Husband, Please What Do I Do - Lady Seeks Advice

My sister is sleeping with my husband 

Hello Joro. Keep me anonymous again,Thank you! I wrote you some days ago My husband sends my sister money and he doesn't tell me and she doesn't tell me too She deleted the whole of their chats from July away, my husband doesn't keeps any chat on his phone so I can't track his own chats too. 

This morning my sister WhatsApp my husband and said she finally found her period, she coded the period as P. I know it's period.

I was devastated. What does my husband have to do with my sister's period. I am confused because I don't want to loose my husband and I don't want to be a single mother at my age. 

I want to ask my mother for advice but I will like various advices at this point. Like the message pop on my husband phone and I could not read the rest because l don't have his passcode. I can't helieve it

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