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My Son Impregnated His Sister From Same Compound, I Know is An Abomination But What Do I Do?

Read Her Below... 

Last two weeks ago my neighbour complained about seeing unusual changes in her daughter. This her daughter is not upto 16yrs.

She told me about the changes because am one of the most respected women in our entire compound. We leave in a very large compound. 

When i looked at the girl i knew she is pregnant. I told her mum to query her so to know who is responsible for the pregnancy she is carrying. 

In the night, her mother told me she said it's my son who is 17yrs old. I got mad but keep my cool so that other families won't know what is going on.

I asked my son about it. He denied it severally until i hold a secret meeting with the girl, her mother and my son. 
In the meeting i asked the girl who is responsible for her pregnancy, she boldly pointed at my son. He still denied it. 

The girl burst into tears saying:

"So you want to deny me after telling me you love me"

Imagine, what kind of stupid love is that. Still in tears the girl narrated how it happened, the time and venue. That was when my son accepted. 

Right now an confuse, i don't want to lose my dignity in the Family, in my church, women's league. 

I don't wanna think of abortion because am a Christian mother, i know what they did is an abomination. 

I need a serious advice now, what can I do?

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